8150 Sunset is a Dangerous Mega-Development Fueled by Donald Trump

A developer with Donald Trump connections proposed a gigantic mega-project for the gridlocked intersection at Crescent Heights and Sunset. It was wildly inappropriate, and Rory Barish and her neighbors brought their concerns to City Hall. The politicians ignored them -- and again sided with a developer. Vote Yes on S on March 7.

We urge you to support Measure S
On the March 7, 2017, city ballot.

Force Transparency • Stop Corruption
Ban Backroom Deals
Encourage Affordable Housing
Force City Hall to Do Their Job!

Vote Yes on Measure S to Fix the Rigged System at City Hall

L.A.’s planning system is rigged, unfair and broken. It pushes forward luxury mega-projects that cause traffic gridlock, the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets.

Vote Yes on Measure S — our best hope to protect residents and give them a greater voice in how their neighborhoods grow and develop.

Measure S will:

  • Ban developers from writing their own self-serving “Environmental Impact” reports, an obvious conflict of interest that is used against communities as an unfair tool of overdevelopment
  • Make the Los Angeles City Council do its job, by creating a rational citywide plan for Los Angeles tied directly to infrastructure limitations, true population figures and community desires
  • Preserve neighborhoods and institute a protective 2-year timeout that stops the Los Angeles City Council from its current practice of spot zoning – bending the rules to approve mega-projects and inappropriate development that destroys neighborhood character and displaces longtime residents and small businesses
  • Protect affordable housing projects by exempting them from the 2-year timeout

We are not opposed to growth and change; we understand that these are inevitable. But what’s not inevitable is reckless and irresponsible development by a handful of politically connected developers and their army of lobbyists, attorneys and PR consultants.

We urge you to support Measure S on the March 7, 2017, city ballot.

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Support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative for a livable Los Angeles. Read Measure S News and Updates. Vote Yes on S on March 7, 2017

City Hall is Displacing Elysian Valley's Latinos to Create Luxury 'Waterfront'

By David Futch -- Rick Cortez and Kevin Mulcahy of RAC Design Build describe their firm's aesthetic as a modern vision with old school values. The firm focuses on adaptive re-use, historic restorations and a few group-up projects now and again. RAC are also general contractors and manufacture a line of steel-framed windows from their Frogtown working studio. 

Will LA City Hall Hold Developer Accountable for Shocking Demolition?

Hollywood residents are outraged over the possible illegal demolition of a historic apartment building at 1344 N. Formosa Avenue, where tenants were evicted from their affordable units under questionable circumstances. They are now asking if LA City Hall will take action against the developer, Wiseman Residential. 

Challenger Demands LA Councilman Joe Buscaino Return 'Sea Breeze Scandal' Campaign Cash

LA City Council candidate Caney Arnold has called for Councilman Joe Buscaino to immediately return all campaign contributions he received from controversial developer Samuel Leung and his associates. In an explosive Los Angeles Times investigation about City Hall's controversial handling of a mega-project known as "Sea Breeze," the paper revealed that Buscaino had been given $94,000 in campaign cash.  

Measure S Battlemap

This battlemap shows where ordinary people are fighting the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents.

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