Top 10 Fat Cats Trying to Kill Measure S

And they're ALL Billionaires!


  1. Sonny Kahn and partners, Miami skyscraper billionaires: 

    Donated $2.6 Million Against Yes on Measure S

  2. Frank McCourt, Bev Hills billionaire developer, ex-Dodgers owner: 

    Donated $150,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  3. Frank Lowy and Family, Australian mall mega-billionaires: 

    Donated $100,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  4. JMB Realty, co-founder is Neil Bluhm, Chicago skyscraper billionaire:

    Donated $95,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  5. Victor Coleman, billion-dollar level portfolio of offices across Silicon Valley: 

    Donated $50,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  6. Lowe billionaires, luxury resort developers globally: 

    Donated $40,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  7. John B. Kilroy Jr., Billionaire heir, land speculator and skyscraper developer: 

    Donated $25,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  8. Phil Anschutz, AEG mega-billionaire:

    Donated $25,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  9. Clyde Holland, Vancouver billionaire, skyscraper mogul:

    Donated $25,000 Against Yes on Measure S

  10. Rick Campo and Keith Oden, developers control $1.1 billion Camden Property Trust: 

    Donated $25,000 Against Yes on Measure S


These Billionaires Can't Get Rich Enough. They Play Globally, and Thrive in LA's Broken System. They Need to Stop Measure S, Because:

"Can't Get Enough" Kahn and Partners -- Having littered the Florida waterfront with skyscrapers, Kahn and his partners want two skyscrapers, in Century City and Hollywood, with no known affordable units, including one 30-story skyscraper that is flatly banned by local zoning.

"Beloved" Frank McCourt -- Has never dropped his plans to fill up the big Dodger Stadium parking lots with a luxury mini-city. The mini-city is flatly banned by the Community Plan.

"Traffic Jam King" Frank Lowy -- Worth $68 billion in globally held malls, the Lowy family wants a 15,000 seat Stadium "arena" in quiet Woodland Hills, almost as big as The Forum. A stadium is flatly banned by local zoning.

"The Luxury" Lowes -- The Lowes resort hotel billionaires, recently got City Council approval to ignore L.A.'s zoning rules, after speculating on a piece of heavily restricted, rare land in densely crowded working-class Palms zoned for Open Space. The Lowes now plan to build a luxury hotel and offices thanks to City Hall.

"The Heir" John B. Kilroy Jr. -- Billionaire heir wants to build The Academy, a sprawling $300 million complex with a 23-story residential high rise along gridlocked Vine and De Longpre.

"Silicon Slick" Victor Coleman -- Said to be speculating on land in LA, because zoning is "for sale" at City Hall. Wants luxury towers. 

"Trump Twin" Clyde Holland -- Donald Trump's campaign backer, who held a fundraiser for Trump and gave $94,600 to the Trump Victory Fund, is gearing up to seek favors from City Hall.

"Oil Baron" Phil Anschutz -- Worth $12.4 billion, unknown what zoning favors he wants from City Hall.


(Individuals and their companies giving to "Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods and Jobs," as of 2/6/2017, according to LA City Ethics Commission website)

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Beacon Economics Paid By Billionaires to Kill Measure S

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