Billionaires and LA Politicians Lie About Measure S

The truth about Yes on S and its citizen-driven movement

Los Angeles politicians and the billionaires who are funding the campaign to stop Measure S don't want to fix LA's broken and rigged planning system that benefits them -- and they are spreading all kinds of lies. Here are the cold, hard facts.

1. The General Plan is so old, City Hall must grant developers favors so they can ignore our community zoning.

FALSE! In 2005, Council members quietly voted to stop updating the General Plan. Their abysmal track record since then on traffic, homeless, and skyrocketing rents speaks for itself.

2. Measure S ends the tainted practice of developers writing their own environmental impact reports.

TRUE! Developers lie about traffic and environmental damage in their tainted "Environmental Impact Reports." Measure S requires independent researchers. The developer foots the bill.

3. Measure S’ two-year timeout on City Council backroom deals actually bans everything from new toilets to cupcakes.

FALSE! Our moratorium is carefully targeted at the rule-breakers who trample on local zoning. They congest our streets and ruin neighborhoods. Yet they are only 5% of construction in LA.

4. Measure S contains a housing ban.

FALSE! Our opposition is funded by 12 billionaire skyscraper kings. They descended on LA because our zoning is "for sale." 95% of developers follow the rules and will thrive.

5. Measure S stops all development.

FALSE! You're seeing the pattern by now, we're quite sure. False. Silly.

6. Measure S ends undue developer influence in City Hall.

TRUE! We target the unseemly favors City Council members hand them after taking $6 million from developers. The LA Times says 90% of these zoning exemptions are rubber stamped.

7. Measure S should stop developers' campaign donations instead.

FALSE! We can't do a "two issue" ballot measure. The courts say no. We're about forcing City Hall to set rules, follow them, and stop their shameful fueling of LA's land speculation/skyrocketing rents.

8. We have to build as much housing as we can, of any kind!

FALSE! We must plan for what's needed, not watch helplessly as City Hall continues to stick us with one of the worst luxury housing gluts in the US: 12% to 20% vacancies in all new housing.

9. Developers, lobbyists and politicians are scared about Measure S.

TRUE...for those benefitting from LA’s broken and rigged system. The 95-percenters, those developers who follow the rules and don't shower City Hall with money, ARE SICK of standing in line behind the rule-breakers.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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Billionaires Leading Spending to Stop Needed Change and Measure S

Several billionaire developers are leading the newly revealed two to one spending against Yes on Measure S, pouring in more than $10 million in campaign contributions, according to city Ethics Commission reports. They are pulling no punches to stop a citywide people's movement that seeks a much-needed fix of LA's broken and rigged planning system.

Special Report: Yes on S Uncovers Pay to Play In LA City Government

Yes on Measure S released today a special report of official city information that reveals how L.A. City Hall works behind closed doors, on behalf of developers and usually without the knowledge of the public, to get around the city's zoning rules. Most developers donate to L.A. elected leaders throughout the backroom process.

Beacon Economics Paid By Billionaires to Kill Measure S

Opponents of Measure S often cite a study by Beacon Economics to prove one thing or another. What they don't tell the public is that Beacon is a paid campaign consultant for the billionaire developers who are funding the campaign to kill reform of L.A.’s rigged planning system.

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