Breast Cancer Patient Fights Eviction from Echo Park Home

Breast cancer patient Eve Hars is fighting for her life, but a greedy developer in Echo Park wants to evict her so he can build luxury housing and make millions. While Hars was undergoing chemotherapy, she actually had to hire a lawyer to fend him off.

Across Los Angeles, wealthy developers will do anything for big profits—from hiring high-priced lobbyists to win special favors at City Hall to shelling out millions in campaign cash to get L.A. politicians to break zoning rules so they can build luxury housing mega-projects.

One developer’s grab for a king-sized payday is now directly impacting Echo Park residents Eve Hars and her sister, Anne.

Anne Hars, an artist and neighborhood activist, founded the UpHouse Project, which attaches bouquets of helium-filled balloons to the roofs of homes that developers want to demolish in order to build luxury housing.

The project became more personal for Anne when, to her horror, a developer sought to evict her ailing sister, Eve.

“I was facing eviction during chemotherapy for stage three breast cancer because my landlord wants to demolish our homes and build luxury housing,” says Eve. “I had to hire a lawyer just to stay through my treatment. Everyone else has been evicted.”

It’s the kind of tragic story that’s taking place all over Los Angeles.

That’s why the Hars sisters, numerous community leaders and many other Angelenos are supporting Measure S, once known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. Measure S will reform L.A.’s rigged and unfair planning and land-use system.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.


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