Coalition to Preserve LA Wins Lawsuit; Forces Developers to Retract Lies

Coalition to Preserve LA wins lawsuit that forces developers and their anti-reform campaign to retract lies in the city's voter guide

Update: Read the Los Angeles Business Journal's coverage of the Coalition to Preserve LA's winning lawsuit that stopped billionaire developers and their anti-reform campaign from telling outrageous lies to Angelenos via the city's official ballot guide.


Coalition to Preserve LA has won a major lawsuit that forces billionaire developers and their anti-reform campaign to retract their lies on the city's official voter guide. The billionaires, who are bankrolling the campaign to defeat Measure S, are willing to do anything to keep L.A.'s planning and land-use system broken and rigged so they can continue to make backroom deals with City Hall politicians -- and make millions upon millions in profits.

The Los Angeles Times gives all the details in its article, "Measure S Opponents Scale Back Claims in Voter Guide After Being Sued."

In the city's official voter guide, the developers' anti-reform campaign attempted to cite an "independent" study that was, in fact, done by the developers' paid campaign consultant, Beacon Economics, which has so far tallied $30,000 in fees.

It's similar to how developers hire and pay for their own consultants to conduct environmental impact reports for their zone-breaking mega-projects -- a crucial study that looks into how a neighborhood will be impacted by a development, but is routinely filled with flawed statistics that favor the developer, not nearby residents.

The developers also tried to cite the study's erroneous math in the voter guide. Beacon Economics based its numbers on a ten-year moratorium for mega-development (these are projects that need zone changes and break the city's zoning rules) rather than the two-year moratorium on zone-breaking mega-projects that Measure S proposes.

These were major whoppers intend to misinform the public -- and the Coalition to Preserve LA would not let that stand. As a result of our lawsuit, the developers backed down -- and truth prevailed. The LA Times notes:

Under an agreement released Wednesday, opponents of the ballot measure will alter the disputed wording and no longer call the study “independent.”


They will also adjust their stated estimates from that study of the economic fallout of the proposal — including lost jobs and revenue — to reflect a two-year restriction instead of a decadelong one.

We need to fix L.A.’s broken, rigged and unfair planning and land-use system.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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