LA City Hall Misses Deadline To Ban Developer Money

Yes on S campaign demands that L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson immediately consider reforms

The Yes on S campaign last week gave L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson a two-day deadline. Four of his colleagues had proposed a ban on campaign contributions from deep-pocketed developers -- and we believed the full City Council needed to consider it without delay. What was Wesson’s reaction to our demand? He said and did nothing.

It’s not surprising. Months ago, Mayor Eric Garcetti proposed a ban on city planning commissioners holding backroom meetings with politically connected developers. What has been Wesson’s reaction to a much-needed reform measure pushed by the mayor of the second largest city in America? Wesson continues to say and do nothing.

So the Yes on S campaign decided it was time to stand up for L.A.’s residents -- people who don’t have the deep pockets and political clout to get face time with City Council members, and routinely get a raw deal from L.A.’s unfair and broken planning and land-use system.

Last Friday, we went down to City Hall and reminded Wesson, in person, about our deadline. We said he needed to start the process to fix L.A.’s broken and rigged planning and land-use system, which even several City Council members and Mayor Garcetti have publicly agreed needs reform.

And we suggested to Wesson and his colleagues that they could immediately begin cleaning up L.A.’s rotten development approval system by vowing to never hold backroom meetings with developers. We asked to see who would immediately make that simple pledge.

What did the City Council members do? You guessed it. They said and did nothing.

The City Council is not capable of reforming itself or L.A.’s broken, rigged and unfair planning and land-use system, which directly impacts the daily quality of life of ALL Angelenos. We’ll keep fighting for you—and we need you to vote Yes on S on March 7.

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