Measure S Launches Hunt for Worst Trumpian Developments in Los Angeles

Yes on S campaign will expose rule-breaking mega-developments that blight our neighborhoods

Bill Witte, Chairman and CEO of Related, is like his one-time business partner Donald Trump -- a mega-developer who has built thousands of commercial towers and apartments around the globe and in Los Angeles. Yet in a July 21, 2016, Real Deal article, Witte warned his fellow developers: “If something is really out of context -- and I can name you three or four projects that will become the poster child for (Measure S) -- it probably isn’t right.” 

Mr. Witte is absolutely correct.

If a mega-development is out of context, out of scale, too big for the neighborhood or streets and backs up local traffic -- all by bending rules in the city's General Plan by getting an “exemption” from City Hall -- then, as Mr. Witte said, “It probably isn’t right.”

In our newest video, Yes on S campaign manager Jill Stewart explains that we offer an "initiative that empowers neighborhoods to chart L.A.’s future, instead of billionaire developers and their army of lobbyists.”

Angelenos, like the rest of Americans, are tired of the pay-to-play corrupting money that influences our elected officials to do favors for their rich campaign donors.

In fact, Witte’s Related Companies have contributed an eye-popping $118,550 to L.A. political candidates since 2000, according to the city’s Ethics Commission. It’s the way development is done in L.A. -- spread around major cash at City Hall to get big favors in return. And L.A. residents pay the price.

Measure S not only ends these backroom deals, it is poised to clean up City Hall by:

• Banning developers from writing their own environmental reports, a massive conflict of interest;

• Ending backroom deals that let developers get around our zoning rules;

• Moving key planning hearings out of downtown LA and into the communities, during off-work hours;

• Setting a 2-year moratorium on City Council backroom deals that ignore our zoning;

• Requiring the City Council, with residents' real input, to immediately begin writing a new General Plan and Community Plans.

Measure S is about the future.

Stop developers from building the kind of “poster child” Trumpian mega-projects that are blighting our neighborhoods across the city -- from Koreatown to Hollywood and into the Valley.

In the video, Stewart asked Mr. Witte, “Where are these 'poster child' developments? What makes them so bad? Skyrocketing rents? Demolishing affordable housing?”

While the Yes on S campaign waits to hear back from Mr. Witte, we will spend the next two months touring LA to expose Mr. Witte’s "poster child" rule-breaking mega-developments.

While we didn’t stop Donald Trump, we can stop his developer buddies like Mr. Witte from bending rules and burying our city in traffic and a luxury housing glut.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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