Measure S Sparks LA City Council's Proposed Ban on Developer Campaign Cash

We are thrilled that the growing Measure S campaign movement has set off a historic proposal by LA City Council members — details yet to come — to ban campaign contributions from developers who are currently or recently seeking project approvals from the Council.

The motion by several LA City Council members this morning is nothing short of a guilty plea about City Hall's corrupt backroom deals to help developers continually ignore our zoning laws and build as big and as tall as they wish.

But our tens of thousands of supporters of Measure S don't want a quarter of a loaf! This first-step measure does not even prevent developers from pouring huge sums into lobbyists who wine and dine our City Council members, nor does it ban the huge gifts developers pour into the LA City Council's shameless "slush funds" and their so-called "officeholder accounts."

Measure S on the March 7 ballot provides the full, fantastic, healthy, great-tasting loaf.

Measure S fixes the rigged and dysfunctional planning system inside City Hall that has poured massive new traffic onto our streets, displaced at least 50,000 people who lived in the path of the bulldozers, and sent or land and rent prices skyrocketing as City Hall openly encouraged speculation and land-flipping.

We call on LA City Council members Ryu, Koretz, Buscaino and Krekorian to immediately amend their proposal to include the following Measure S reforms:

- Stop developers from controlling the content of their own Environmental Impact Reports, a glaring conflict of interest that lets developers tell enormous lies about the traffic their projects will cause.

- End the anti-democratic backroom deals during which developers are given ways around our zoning by LA City Council members — in the form of General Plan Amendments, Zone Changes and Height District Changes — and residents pay the price with traffic, unaffordable rents and unlivable conditions.

- Do your jobs and write a General Plan for Los Angeles instead of letting developers plan our city, a disaster that has created mass evictions, skyrocketing rents and horrific traffic.

- Bring residents into the planning of their communities by rewriting the Community Plans and holding the key meetings only at night, or only on weekends, and only in the communities — not Downtown at 10 am when nobody can attend.

City Hall, get going! Measure S is still nipping at your heels and we aren't going away.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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