Opal Young, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Homeowners Coalition Say Yes on S

South LA resident says Measure S reins in "insane" developer greed

Opal Young moved into South LA in 1963. The grandmother has seen a lot in her neighborhood, but the developer greed she's witnessing today is "insane." With City Hall approval, developers are creating a luxury city that Young and many Angelenos can't afford.

In fact, the Los Angeles Times noted, "Looking to cash in on a booming real estate market, Los Angeles property owners are demolishing an increasing number of rent-controlled buildings to build pricey McMansions, condos and new rentals, leading to hundreds of evictions across the city."

The paper found that "more than 20,000 rent-controlled units have been taken off the market since 2001" across LA.

In Young's South LA neighborhood, San Francisco-based Carmel Partners seeks to build a luxury skyscraper that will gridlock the streets with more cars and cater only to the affluent who can afford expensive housing.

"Who can afford that?" says the grandmother. "What's the point of having new development if you can't afford to stay in the city to enjoy it."

Angelenos across our great city agree.

That's why civic leaders, neighborhood activists and working- and middle-class residents support Measure S.

It reins in zone-breaking luxury mega-development that squeezes working people out of their own neighborhoods -- and returns power back to residents.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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Support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative for a livable Los Angeles. Read Measure S News and Updates. Vote Yes on S on March 7, 2017

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Yes on Measure S released today a special report of official city information that reveals how L.A. City Hall works behind closed doors, on behalf of developers and usually without the knowledge of the public, to get around the city's zoning rules. Most developers donate to L.A. elected leaders throughout the backroom process.

Beacon Economics Paid By Billionaires to Kill Measure S

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