United Neighborhoods for Los Angeles Strongly Supports Yes on S

LA's broken planning system must be fixed

United Neighborhoods for Los Angeles (UN4LA) has announced its "strong support for Measure S, and asks citizens who care about the future of Los Angeles to vote Yes on S on March 7."   

The Yes on S campaign and its citizen-driven movement are proud to have UN4LA's endorsement.

The organization's press statement further notes:

"UN4LA has chosen to back Measure S because it is consistent with the group's guiding principle, community-driven planning. For too long, communities have been left out of the loop when it comes to envisioning LA's future. City Hall has shown a complete disregard for basic planning principles as the Department of City Planning (DCP) pursues a reckless, ad hoc approach to development. Spot-zoning should be the exception, not the norm. Sadly, recent news stories have only served to confirm the suspicion that local politicians are willing to trade project approvals for campaign cash.

"Los Angeles continues to grow, and development is necessary to ensure the city's economic health. But in order for development to benefit all Angelenos, it must be based on careful planning, and the planning process must start in our communities. We must begin by listening to the people who actually live in LA's neighborhoods, and build for the future based on their vision for the city. We must also insist that the environmental assessments required by the State of California are based on actual data, and that they are prepared by professionals with no financial interest in the outcome.

"Measure S is not anti-development, it’s pro-planning.

"It will not shut down new development. It does not ban new housing. It will not bring about economic Armageddon in Los Angeles. Measure S will compel City Hall to start planning for the future. It REQUIRES that the City update the General Plan and the Community Plans. It will impose a two-year moratorium on spot-zoning while these updates are completed. It will also REQUIRE the City to be responsible for preparing Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), instead of allowing developers to choose who prepares these important assessments.

"UN4LA believes that Measure S will empower citizens to participate in community-driven planning which will benefit all Angelenos. We look forward to partnering with communities in this process, and helping to provide the tools they need to create a healthy, prosperous future."

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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Support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative for a livable Los Angeles. Read Measure S News and Updates. Vote Yes on S on March 7, 2017

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