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Watch Los Angeles residents tell their stories about battling greedy developers and their politician pals at City Hall.

L.A.'s planning and land-use system is rigged and broken -- and favors deep-pocketed developers who shell out major campaign cash to city politicians for spot-zoning approvals.

But with Measure S, we dramatically curtail City Hall's ability to hand out special spot-zoning favors. As a result, L.A. politicians have little to give, and developers don't have much to buy -- and we return power back to residents.

Measure S is our best hope to give Angelenos a greater voice in how their neighborhoods grow and develop.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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Support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative for a livable Los Angeles. Read Measure S News and Updates. Vote Yes on S on March 7, 2017

Billionaires Leading Spending to Stop Needed Change and Measure S

Several billionaire developers are leading the newly revealed two to one spending against Yes on Measure S, pouring in more than $10 million in campaign contributions, according to city Ethics Commission reports. They are pulling no punches to stop a citywide people's movement that seeks a much-needed fix of LA's broken and rigged planning system.

Special Report: Yes on S Uncovers Pay to Play In LA City Government

Yes on Measure S released today a special report of official city information that reveals how L.A. City Hall works behind closed doors, on behalf of developers and usually without the knowledge of the public, to get around the city's zoning rules. Most developers donate to L.A. elected leaders throughout the backroom process.

Beacon Economics Paid By Billionaires to Kill Measure S

Opponents of Measure S often cite a study by Beacon Economics to prove one thing or another. What they don't tell the public is that Beacon is a paid campaign consultant for the billionaire developers who are funding the campaign to kill reform of L.A.’s rigged planning system.

Measure S Battlemap

This battlemap shows where ordinary people are fighting the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents.

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