VIDEO: Will Westwood Seniors Be Evicted From Retirement Home?

More than 150 senior citizens at the Vintage Westwood Horizons retirement home may be evicted to make way for an upscale redevelopment project. It’s one more example of how the citywide push for luxury development and big profits are causing all kinds of bad consequences across Los Angeles, including the displacement of senior citizens. Watch video below:

The scandalous treatment of the seniors started a few weeks ago when they received eviction notices, informing the older folks that they had to vacate by April. The sudden news was a shock, with many Vintage Westwood Horizons residents scared about the future. The seniors are generally in their 80s and 90s and can’t move around easily.

Watermark Retirement Communities, the company that seeks the evictions, wants to redevelop the building and turn it into a luxury retirement facility that the seniors can’t afford. The company will undoubtedly reap major profits.

The seniors are now vowing to fight — check out the pull-no-punches blog of Emiel Meisel, a Vintage Westwood Horizons resident. But they’ll need to hire lawyers to defend themselves.

It’s a scenario that happens all too often in L.A. — City Hall doesn’t protect ordinary Angelenos, who then have to shell out big bucks for the help of an attorney.

That’s particularly true when it comes L.A.’s broken, unfair and rigged planning and land-use system, which gives developers profitable spot-zoning favors and allows them to break city rules that are supposed to protect neighborhoods.

Since L.A. politicians allow them to do whatever they want, developers and companies like Watermark make purely profit-driven decisions that negatively impact the rest of us — whether its by causing ruined neighborhoods or creating displacement of longtime residents.

We must reform L.A. City Hall, and return power back to communities.

Vote Yes on S on March 7.

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